Ant Inspection

Have you have ever noticed ants in your home and wondered what brought them in? Often these ants are scout ants looking for food, water of even a new home for the entire colony!
Before you start to panic Knockout Pest Services have a few simple reasons why these ants may be attracted to your home.

1/ Food

Ants need to find continuous sources of food. Often our homes offer an abundance of easily accessible food if not stored properly or food spills and pet foods are not contained and cleaned regularly. Ensure any spills or food deposits are cleaned immediately and keep pet food away from access by ants. Ensure pantry storage items are in sealed containers and if possible up off the floor areas.

2/ Water

Damp areas, often bathroom areas can attract because ants are attracted to moisture. Make sure that any leaks are fixed as soon as possible or excess water overspray is dried up promptly. If you spot ants in your bathroom, inspect around sinks, toilets, and sinks for dripping or leaking water. A small leak can often go unnoticed for some time before being discovered.

3/ Access

The best way to prevent ant infestation is to stop ants from entering your home through small cracks and small holes in the exterior walls. Fill these with silicon or a suitable filler and check the perimeter regularly.

Along with the basic preventative measures listed above, you may need professional pest control services to avoid some infestations. Some ant species are particularly hard to remove from homes, therefore if you find an increase in the population of ants inside your home we would recommend booking an obligation free inspection and if need be, we would recommend a suitable treatment to remove an ant infestation from your home. With the advent of specificant baits, both solid and gel type, our problems were nearly over when it came to ant control inside or outside premises. But is is important to identify the type of ant. Common ants that can cause problems in Australia include Black house ants,  Coastal brown ants, Brown house ant, Pharaoh’s ants, Argentine ants, Odorous ants and Singapore Ants.

Please contact Knockout Pest Services if you have any doubts about ants or any other pest problems.

Image and information from Globe Australia Knowledge Centre