Possum Control

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Possum in your house

Once inside your house, they gnaw on anything and everything they can get their hands on and that includes the cables and wires too. If this happens, it can be particularly dangerous as the innocent gnawing may lead to short circuits or worse – nasty house fires.

Why are possums considered as a pest?

Possums can also be a threat to your pets. Being the carriers of fleas and ticks, they can spread deadly diseases. Some of them are also aggressive in nature and could get into dirty fights with your pets.

Why can’t possums be relocated off my property?

Possums are protected by the Victorian and South Australian Governments and therefore cannot be relocated. They may be taken from their nests, which may be in your roof, but they must be released 50 meters from where they were trapped.

How do possums and rats gain access onto the roof?

Trees and vines that overhang a roof need to be cut back from the roof line by at least two meters. This will stop the possums jumping the distance to the roof. Electricity and telephone cables that lead from the street to the house can also allow access onto the roof. Tubing and or a disc needs to be placed on these wires. This will need to be done by a qualified electrical trade’s person.


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