Termite Prevention

Tips to prevent termites getting into your home

Remove stored timber, debris and cellulose materials from under, in and around the property and under the house – Storing timber against or under your house or property on a soil sub-floor will provide an attractive food source and nesting site for subterranean termites. It can also hide evidence of termites invading your home. Remove any timber and/or debris (dead leaves) away from the house.

Repair leaking taps and pipes– these include leaking taps and pipes and hot water overflow pipes under or around taps, pipes around your home. Repairing theses will reduce moisture levels, which attract subterranean termites close to or under your property.

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Ensure that your subfloor is never blocked and is well ventilated. Substandard ventilation in the sub-floor areas of your property will result in high humidity, and high moisture levels. Good ventilation and extraction fans where necessary are essential to reduce the risk from subterranean termites.

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Divert all hot water services & air conditioning and overflow away from side of the house.  Ensure stormwater runoff is properly connected.

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Use only termite treated timber in garden beds, retaining walls or fence posts – Do not use untreated timbers to form garden beds or retaining walls, as these will attract termites around your property.

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Timber fences and support post with a 50mm clearance between the timbers and the soil- Make shore none of these timbers around your house are in touch with the ground. As this can attract termites and this allows termites to gain access without detection.

Don’t allow climbing plants or bushy gardens to grow against the structure – Climbing plants growing against the wall.

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Ensure all construction timbers and forms worked are removed.

Where a house is a concrete slab on ground construction, Australian Standards state that you should leave a minimum of 75mm of slab edge exposed – Weep holes in between brickwork, found immediately above the slab, should also be left exposed. If you construct gardens, allow soil to be deposited above the edge of the slab, or above pavers over the slab face, otherwise termites can gain entry undetected into your property and breach the previously applied termite barriers.

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Or ways have termite inspection every 12 months. We all ways seemed to find termites after they have done thousands of dollars damage to your home. 1 in 3 homes in Australia will be prone to attack from termites.

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