Termite Inspections and Pre-purchase

Pre Purchase Termite Inspection: Knockout Pest Services

If you are buying a house its the biggest investment of your life.

You need a pre purchase pest inspection to ensure all timber pest issues have been adequately addressed. Also that you are getting. Highest level, of service possible. As termites can cause. so much damage. The destructive damage they can cause are not covered by insurance. And it can become a costly exercise for the owner in the repair bills.


For all termite inspection and Pre purchase inspection all have to be carried out to  Australian standards.

  • AS3660.1- 2000 for new buildings.
  • AS3660.2- 2000 are the standards for existing buildings.

For a Timber Pest inspection, Australian Standards are.

  • AS4349.3 – 1998 inspection of building, timber Pest inspection

Areas we report on in our inspection

  • Report areas of live termite activity.
  • Report areas of timber pest activity.
  • Report areas of existing termite damage.
  • Report areas of existing timber pest damage.
  • Report level of existing termite damage.
  • Report level of existing timber pest damage.
  • Report any conditions that might encourage termite activity like leaks and ventilation.
  • Report on conditions that are conducive to termite activity such as elevated moisture levels and report findings.
  • Report ways to minimise the risk of termite attach.
  • Report ways to minimise the risk of timber pest attack.
  • Report evidence of existing termite management systems.
  • Prepare a competitive quote for a termite management system as required.

Our reports are the most comprehensive in the Industry and our Insurance cover is also the highest as well and termites our concerned.

Tools of the trade that we use

  • Moisture meter
  • Flir E6 thermal immerging camera
  • Termite inspection tool. Multi face donger
  • Borescope inspection camera


Control your Termite Problem – Guaranteed!

Termite inspections ,PRE Purchase, Termite treatments Baiting system


In all areas of pest control.  We are qualified, licensed and comprehensively  Pest Control specialise in Commercial & Domestic Pest Control Services including General and Timber Pest Management Services. One large nest of Termites is particularly problematic as they can attack the structural timbers in your home causing significant amounts of damage. They love damp areas, and can contain several million termites.

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Knockout Pest Sevice has the ability to offer you a $1,000,000 Timber replacement/damage repair warranty.

Our comprehensive termite treatment is therefore in high demand around homes and businesses in the region. Even if your infestation is fairly small, call Knockout Pest Service Control to treat the termites before they spread any further.

Remedial – Undertaken When Termites are Found

After inspection and evaluation we can provide the best options for your particular situation. These are pesticide barriers, dusts and baits specifically formulated for termites and installed by licensed pest control technicians.


An in-soil pesticide barrier is applied into the soil under and around the foundations. Dusts settle on termites and they ingest the pesticide and can eliminate the whole colony. Baits are ingested by the termites and can eliminate the whole colony.


Termite Inspection

Termites cause many millions of dollars worth of damage to buildings in Australia every year which is not covered by your household Insurance.

Some people require white ant treatment but termites and ants are quite different insects. Termites are not a member of the ant family but the term white ant is firmly ingrained in the Australian language.

We use the latest equipment including:

  • Listening Equipment – detects termite movement
  • Moisture Meters – detects elevated moisture in wood which may indicate the presence of termites
  • Borescope – an invasive technique that can take pictures of active termites in timber
  • Thermal Imaging – detects thermal variations and available in some areas

Knockout Pest Service has the ability to offer you a $1,000,000 Timber replacement/damage repair warranty.

A termite inspection is recommended at least annually by the Australian Standard AS3660 even if you have a termite protection system in place. In most cases, these termite protection systems make termites easier to detect but won’t stop them from attacking your building. Your existing termite protection system may also be compromised which you need to be aware of.

Our comprehensive RSA TI 10 page report gives you essential information on:

  • Current Termite Activity
  • Evidence of Previous Termite Damage
  • The Conditions around your Property that are Conducive to Termite Attack
  • Evidence of a Current Termite Protection System
  • Advice on how to minimise the Likelihood of Termite Attack
  • How often You should have a Termite Inspection
  • Various options for a termite Protection Program
  • And much more


Termite Treatment and Management


After having taken advantage of one of our on-site termite inspections and assessments by one of our experienced Technical Advisors, you will be provided with a range of Termite Treatment and Termite Management options to suit you.

Knockout Pest Service options include:

  • traditional liquid treatments in soil – ask about our $1,000,000 Termite Treatment Warranty
  • market leading reticulation systems – – ask about our $1,000,000 Termite Treatment Warranty
  • Successful Baiting Systems – ask about our $100,000 Timber Replacement Warranty.

Knockout Pest Service has the ability to offer you a $1,000,000 Timber replacement/damage repair warranty.

When it comes to controlling an infestation of termites, we use the most effective system for your needs.  Sure, many treatments kill termites, but the key to successful termite management is total colony elimination and an ongoing management plan.


Chemical Soil Treatment

Home insurance does NOT cover damage to structural timbers caused by termites – some pest control companies carry professional indemnity insurance cover for complete soil barrier treatments to AS3660 – practicable in vast majority of building types and construction.Complete soil treatment to AS3660 – the soil at the base and perimeter of the subject building is treated with a long lasting termiticide – which kills the termites if they attempt to access the building – recommend Termidor or Premise termiticide be used due to their long term effectiveness and safety profile if used correctly – both Termidor and Premise termite control products exhibit a transfer effect – chemical taken back to central nest to eradicate termites therein – over time the complete eradication of the entire termite colony (discussed in detail later on this page).Termites in the building at the time of chemical soil treatment – they cannot safely return to their central colony nest through the termiticide in the soil. Termites are compelled to return every few days to their central colony nest in the ground to obtain moisture essential for their survival and to feed and groom the nymphs (young termites), the king, queen and other termites.Chemical Soil Barrier requires expert knowledge and specialised equipment to form a complete and continuous barrier to protect the building from a termite entry and infestation – see illustrations below:

Dia 1


Trench and treat soil around external concrete slab edge – a common termite entry point Trench and treat soil around walls and piers in the sub-floor area Use rod injection to treat soil along and around the external perimeter area of the buildingDia 2.jpgDrill concrete floor along all expansion joints and cracks, and treat soil thereunder Drill concrete floor around pipes and treat soil thereunder Drill concrete patio areas and treat soil area therein – a high risk termite nest location

How the Transfer Effect Using premise or Termidor treated soil barrier

Dia 3Termites tunnelling in the Premise or Termidor treated soil area abutting the building (of high concentration – near the point of application) are killed outright.Termites tunnelling in the outer parts of a Premise or Termidor treated soil area (of low concentration) will not detect the chemical which adheres to their bodies and has a delayed lethal effect of several days – enough time to be transferred back to the central colony nest.Transfer effect – Termidor and Premise termiticide sticks to soft waxy skin of worker termites – some termites transfer the termiticide back to central nest – spread to other termites and the queen – mutual grooming and feeding habits – termites groom fungi and termiticide from each others skin – termites also regurgitate liquidized timber food and any termiticide digested during their unnelling in a termiticide treated zone – industry feedback indicates Termidor and Premise are highly effective termiticides.

Cannibals by nature – termites carry away or cannibalize other dead termites – further spreading the lethal effect of the Premise or Termidor termiticides throughout the termite colony.

Photos of a house 14 years old, has been totally destroyed by termites.  Just for few dollars every year it pays to have a termite inspection. If they get into your house this is what could happen and then has to be rebuilt. So it pays to have a termite inspection every 12 months.

Photos 1


Don’t wait to this happens to you , contact knockout pest services on

0422388144 and ask for Mark



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